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Full Tilt Poker
  FarmMylife, Nov 19 2012


So I lost my job that I thought was going to be my career but such is life. I have always dabbled at poker but have decided to take a serious shot at it will I explore my job opportunities and options. My current financial situation is not so bad. I have 2 months of living expenses and a 600 dollar bank roll. I am bonus whore it up but that seems to be lot harder to do than before. I ll be trying my luck at micro plo and maybe a little NL. I have always ended up fucking up my BR by trying to take shots at limits where I dont belong. So here is a list of starting goals that will help keep me on the right track

1 - DO NOT PLAY OUTSIDE OF BANK ROLL, I have always done this before in the past and try and take a shot and double up at 2/4 or 3/6. I am going to try and stick to .5/.10 until I have at least 1K.

2 - STUDY 1-2HRS A DAY, I am going to be treating this like a job until I manage to find one. So I think I can spend at least 6hrs a day playing poker out of those 6Hrs at least 1 will be devoted to studying.

3 - PAY ATTENTION NO MORE THEN 5 TABLES, Not gonna try and mass multi-table. If I want to get good my best bet is to play less tables and try and focus on the tables rather then playing 20 tables on auto pilot.

Any tips or comments is appreciated


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